Judge Lindy Choy


Judge Lindy Choy was born in Brandon, Manitoba to Kenny and Rebecca Choy.  She and her sisters are the fourth generation of Choy’s living in Canada, but only the first generation to actually be born here.  While growing up, Judge Choy often worked evenings and weekends with her family at their restaurant, Soo’s Chop Suey House, but always knew she wanted to be a lawyer.

After graduating from Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, she moved to Winnipeg to attend the University of Manitoba.  She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Arts, majoring in political studies, then attended Robson Hall to study law.  She graduated from law school on the Honour Roll, finishing fourth in her graduating class.  She then articled for the firm Thompson Dorfman Sweatman and continued on as an associate, practicing civil litigation.

In 1996 she and her husband Rob moved to Brandon where she practiced law with Roy, Johnston and Company.  It was there that she had her two children, Danielle and Ryan, in the same hospital where she was born.  In 2002, the family returned to Winnipeg where she resumed practice with TDS.  An opportunity then arose with the Appeal Commission for the Workers Compensation Board and she was appointed as a Presiding Officer.

Judge Choy has always been committed to giving back to the community and has served on the boards of the Manitoba Children’s Museum and the United Way of Winnipeg.  She also manages an all-women dragon boat team which participates in the annual River City Dragon Boat Festival.

In 2015, she was appointed to the Provincial Court of Manitoba where she is proud to preside as the first judge in Manitoba of Chinese descent.

Lindy Choy法官出生于馬尼托巴的布蘭登,是Kenny和Rebecca Choy的女兒。她和她的姐妹們是第四代居住在加拿大的蔡氏(Choy),但這一代才是真正在這里出生的。在成長過程中,蔡女士會經常在晚上和周末跟她的家人一起在他們的餐廳Soo’s Chop Suey House工作,但她一直知道她想成為一名律師。

從布蘭登的文森特梅西高中畢業后,她搬到溫尼伯就讀曼尼托巴大學。她獲得了藝術學士學位,主修政治學,然后就讀于羅布森大學學習法律。她畢業于法學院的榮譽榜,在畢業班上排名第四。然后,她為Thompson Dorfman Sweatman律師事務所提出并繼續擔任助理,從事民事訴訟。

1996年,她和她的丈夫Rob搬到布蘭登,在那里她與Roy,Johnston和其他人一起執業。她有兩個孩子,Danielle和Ryan,在跟她出生的同一家醫院。 2002年,這個家庭回到溫尼伯,在那里她恢復了TDS的練習。隨后,工人賠償委員會上訴委員會就有了機會,她被任命為主持人。