IRON ROAD | FREE SCREENING – National Canadian Film Day 加拿大國家電影節-免費電影《金山》

The Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre has teamed up with Reel Canada to present a screening of “Iron Road” on National Canadian Film Day (April 19).

The screening takes place Wednesday, April 19 at the WCCCC at 6:30pm. ?Please see the poster with event details.

After the screening, local historian Dr. Tina Mei Chen will hold a Q&A on the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the role of the Chinese.

溫城中華文化中心與Reel Canada合作,于加拿大電影節(四月19日)周三晚6:30 在文化中心多功能廳舉辦電影免費放映活動。此次放映電影為《金山》,講述的是二十世紀初,加拿大政府到中國招募勞工,修建一條貫穿加拿大南北的鐵路的故事。更多詳細活動信息請看海報!

我們還請到了本地歷史學家,曼尼托巴大學歷史系主任Dr. Tina Mei Chen,將在影片放映后就加拿大太平洋鐵路建設及中國人的貢獻舉辦問答活動。

Film Synopsis and Trailer 電影簡介及預告片:

Event information活動信息:


Please help us spread the word. ?We look forward to seeing you !




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